Lifestyle in PCOS

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Life Style Changes Which Are Recommended In Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Life style modification is very important in the treatment for PCOS, as weight loss and exercise have been shown to lead to improved fertility and lowering of androgen (male hormones) levels. It also reduces the long term risk of diabetes, heart disease and possibly endometrial cancer.
A Summary of useful changes include the following
  • Dietary modification (reduction in calories by limiting daily intake to 1400kcal, avoid sugary drinks (water is preferrable), avoid snacking between meals, have more low glycaemic index fruits and vegetables).
  • There may be a role for a low glycaemic diet but further research is required.
  • regular moderate exercise (at least 30 minutes a day at the very least)
  • stopping smoking
  • moderate alcohol intake
  • moderate caffeine intake
  • Liase with a local dietitian
  • Motivation is important. Set realistic targets
  • It is Important to also address emotional issues cognitive behavioural therapy may help
  • Where initial lifestyle measures fail (for example after 6 months), try anti-obesity drugs such as Orlistat and Reductil
  • Possible role for Metformin although efficacy as a stand alone anti-obesity medication is debatable
  • Anti-Obesity surgery for example laparoscopic gastric banding can be used as a last resort and for extremely obesity.